Qian Baijia | Serums,Essence,Liquid and Crèmes | Anti-Wrinkle | Anti-Aging | Hydration

For All Skin types including sensitive skin | Ideal For Men and Women


Qian Baijia Serums,Essence,Liquid and Crèmes, are vitamin rich skin boosting products designed to rebuild and rejuvenate the skin. Unlike any other skin programme, the system involves layering the products onto the skin to create a customised skin anti-aging programme exactly for your skin. This process is known as "epidermal filtration™" and is designed to allow the correct and precise product ingredients to access the skin as needed.

These high performance skin products can be used in conjunction with medical microdermabrasion and skin needling delivered by a qualified skin practitioner.

Qian Baijia Serums,Essence,Liquid and and Crèmes, deeply penetrate the skin to combat damage and to nourish skin cells. These high performance skin science products are the key to creating younger skin progressively. Please consult a qualified skin therapist to choose the correct product for your skin type.

Qian Baijia Serums,Essence,Liquid and and Crèmes, work together and are designed to increase the functioning of cells right at the heart of the skin. Skin becomes smoother in just a few applications. A luminescent glow is apparent and fine lines, wrinkles around the eyes and mouth are decreased.

Qian Baijia Serums,Essence,Liquid and and Crèmes are designed to protect the skin from daily toxins, repair the skin from deep within and create a youthful radiant dermis. Qian Baijia Co Enzyme Anti Aging Repair Essence With Peptides is recommended to be applied over the serum to lock moisture into the skin.